Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16 Email!


My Birthday was great. The Beef Tidbits that the Thuesen's made were actually pretty good! haha they had streamers and balloons all set up in their house when I got there. Yeah, I picked up the cake, thank you! haha i'll send a picture of it.. there's a little typo, see if you can find it. (No one knows how to spell in Texas). 

Also, the day after my birthday I went over to Fred's house and they threw a party for me! They had a cake made for me and gave me a present and the whole family sung 'Happy Birthday' to me. It was great. I also went and say Manuel on my birthday, I took some pictures of it all and i'll send them to you.
 I opened my presents on my Birthday at night time. I'll send pictures of that also. Thank you guys so much for that stuff! haha it was great. I really like everything ya'll gave me.
  On Saturday morning, some families form our ward took us to this Pizza Parlor named "Big Lou's Pizza". Biggest pizza in Texas, and that's saying something. They have pizza there that is 6 feet long, each slice is 3 feet! haha so dumb. The pizza we got isn't that big but it's still ridiculous. I had 4 slices.
    We had a ward Christmas party a few days ago, and it was really fun. I love everyone in this ward, they all feel like family. It's going to be so weird when I finally leave this area..
  Manuel, his wife Porsche, and their son LaTrell finally accpeted baptismal dates! They are going to be baptized on January 4th! I am so excited! It's not like 100% that they will be baptized on that day, but now at least they have something to work towards!
   I've been doing a lot of thinking this past week, as I turned 20 years old. (I hit my quarter-life crisis) and I am so thankful that I am at where I am at. Life is made up of the small choices we make throughout the day, and it's those choices that create your future. I'm thankful that I am here in San Antonio Texas, even when it's really hard and stressful.. I'm thankful for it all. I realized how I love everyone who is in my life, or has been in my life. The people I have spent the most time with are the people who helped me the most, and I will never forget them.
Another stellar week, I hope all is well back home.
-Elder Giles

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