Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28 Email!

Matt didn't have much time to write this week, so the email is short, but still good!
                  Tell all the ward that I say Hi! I sure do miss everyone from back home. The leaves haven't changed here at all yet.. they are still green. I'm not sure what's going on.
This was another great week.
We got a few people to Church, a lady named Gwendlyn Brooks and a lady and her kids named Kristta Frausto. Manuel and his family didn't make it to church yesterday.. because their dog died and they had a dog funeral.... hahaha so weird! Dion and his mom still come to Church every Sunday!

But yeah, all is good here. It's going well. I'm excited for this week, Halloween is crazy here. Texas takes it way too far. Every house here has like dead bodies and limbs everywhere, there aren't even any pumpkins, just blood and gore. haha it's pretty sweet.

Well, I love ya'll and miss you!
Have a great Halloween and be safe!

Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 Email!


It's getting colder here! It was like 70 degrees a few days ago and I was freezing! We painted a room for a guy this past week. His house got broken into and graffitied everywhere. So we painted the room and covered up all the graffiti. haha it was way fun. 

So 2 big things.

1- I'm pretty sure I am joining the Air Force when I get home

2-Manuel and his whole family came to church yesterday!!

 I spend a lot of time with the Air Force. There is a member in my ward here named Matthew Checketts and we are like best friends, he is really cool. He's a dentist in the Air Force. I think I want to do the same thing, either a dentist or a pediatrician. If I did join the Air Force I would be coming right back here. This is the only Air Force base for basic training in the world. Everyone who is and ever was in the Air Force came to this base for basic. So, yeah, It's super cool and I love going on base.

    Manuel, his wife Porsche, their children, Laazyade, LaTrell & Divaunte all came to church on Sunday. They didn't have any white shirts or ties, or even been in a church before. So they really were hesistant to come when we talked about it. But Manuel went out and bought everyone church clothes and when they came to church we tied their ties for them during Sacrament meeting. They really enjoyed Church. I was so happy when they came in. Honestly, it was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. From meeting him in the Trailor park looking so initmidating, to seeing him at church yesterday in his white shirt and tie.. I can't even express how amazing it feels. He is like one of my best friends, and he has told me that I am his "main homie." If I would have went anywhere else in the world, at any other time. I wouldn't have met Manuel and his family. I had to come to South San Antonio at this time. I thank The Lord for loving me so much to keep me home a little longer so that I could met the people He has prepared.

     This week has gone be ridiculously fast. I love it, and I am growing so much (still the same ol' me though)
I love you all!

Marc Harris: you're going to Mongolia? haha you've gotta be kiddin' me! Is that even a real place? When I read that you were going to Mongolia, I yelled as loud as I could, "Let's Go!" hahaha. I'm so proud of you! Be safe in Mongolia, and always remember.... E26. I love you, player. we're here. let's go. we're gone.

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14 Email!

The Baptism went great. It was so cool being able to baptism someone. Honestly, like the greatest experience ever!
Before I got here there wasn't a baptism in this Area for the past 1 and 1/2. We've had two in the last 5 weeks since I got here. It's sweet! We also have 4 people who are planning on getting baptized on November 4th.
That sounds so fun with the whole family. Apparently, BYU beat Texas a while back, everyone here is still bitter about that. 

Yeah, conference was really awesome. We've been using a lot of the talks and notes we took from Conference on our lessons this past week.
 Last Monday, after E-mails, we went to the City and this place called El Mercado (I sent a postcard). It was sweet. It's like this mexican outdoor shop with tons of little stands and stuff haha. I bought this Luchadore mask, like Nacho Libre. It's pretty cool. This week has been good. It's gone by crazy fast. We got Transfer calls last night. Me and my companion are both staying in this area for atleast 6 more weeks! We were both stoked about that!
I love you all so much!
This is Elder Sadler in El Mercado

Me and Elder Jones under a MTC sign.(my cup of Horchata)

Elder Sadler, Miner, me, and Jones

Texas Sunset

Right before the baptism

Me and Dion!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7 Email

Hey and stuff,
haha E26.. dang. That was a fun time. I actually like didn't take any pictures this week, but I will this next week and make sure to send pictures of my companion and the other Elders in my apartment. Transfers are like the 16th or something. I'm 99% sure that I am staying here. I might get a new companion though.
   That's so weird that you had snow. I am already used to not seeing snow. haha It's still like in the 90's everyday here. I guess it hasn't snowed here for years, and when it did snow it was like for 15 minutes haha. It's gonna be a blue Christmas. Mountains: it's still weird not seeing them. There aren't any here at all, you can just see forever.
  Yeah, General Conference was soo sick! haha I have never really taken notes before. I took 11 pages of notes. All the talks we so solid. Yeah, President Monson's talk about trials was awesome, "Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the winds the stronger the trees..."
  Jeffrey R Holland brought the house, as usual. As soon as he stood up, I could just hear in my mind Jeremy barking as loud as he could! haha. His whole talk was juts quote after quote, "Believe in Miracles. Hope is never lost.", "Our pursuit of Godliness will be tried again and again" & "One day the dawn Will break brightly" 
  Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talks were really awesome too. Dang, they were all sweet. We watched Conference at the Stake Center and some Mexican families came and made us food in between the sessions on both days. They are so nice. The food was straight delicious too. Tacos for days, empanadas, tostadas, and rice on rice on rice.
Oh yeah, i've gained 12 pounds so far, BUT rest asured, I look good. I have never been so jacked. Riding these dumb bikes made my legs way stronger and bigger, and me and my comp wake up extra early every morning to work out at the Gym here at our apartment complex. The gym is kinda garbage, but we make it work. Sometimes we have to get creative haha but we get good workouts.
   Remember Dion?
  So, he said that he wants me to baptize him. So I am baptizing him this Saturday! I am so pumped, it's gonna be awesome. He's such a cool kid. His family is like my second family out here. They live out in the country, like 20 minutes driving distance. They have tons of chickens, and pheasants, and geese and all types of birds haha. Everytime we go over there we leave with at least a dozen fresh eggs. 
  Also, a family who lives on Base who's in our ward is going to Orem this week. I gave them ya'll address and phone numbers, they might be calling you and wanting to say hi. Try to be normal. They are the Bush family. They have 10 kids and they are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. They are awesome.
    Still doing my thing, like it ain't no thing.
    Got a busy week ahead of us, I'm way excited for my first baptism! 
"Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith" -Dieter F, Uchtdorf
I represent SA-town, Texas is my playground, Ride these streets like Greyhound
I love you all
Love, Elder Giles