Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2 Email!

I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. Our second counselor in the ward here took us to have Thanksgiving dinner with his family and some friends, it was really good. Then they gave us all of the leftovers haha so our fridge had been pretty full these last few days!
So far on my mission I have been able to see, Jeffrey R. Holland & Neal L. Anderson, and I shook hands with Elder Golden (of the seventy). It's so cool meeting those people, you can just tell they know so much more than you haha
This week has been really good and really stressful. I have a new companion now named Elder Condie, he's actually way cool. It's just hard because now I am the only one who knows the area, the investigators, or the members. I'm the designated driver now so I have to know how to get everywhere. I mean, I do know it all but it's been a little stressful.
 Elder Condie is sweet though. A few nights ago we stayed up like all night talking and everything I told him, he said, "me too!" and everything he told me I said, "me too!" haha. I'm sure we would have hung out before our missions.
 The work is going great. We currently have 3 people with a baptismal date. One named Richard, will be getting baptized on December 21st. We finally got him to Church for the first time on Sunday. He said that it was the first time he has ever stepped into a church building.
So, we had a lesson with him on Saturday, quick back-story: he's 19 (younger than me), he is divorced with two kids. When we went over there for our lesson, he had two guys friends over and there were 3 girls there. All about my age. It was really interesting to see these people who are my age, just hanging like I used to be doing before my mission. They could all instantly tell that there was something different about Elder Condie and I. All of them have never been religious before, but they were so interested to hear what we had to say. I actually loved it, loved teaching people who are my age, people who I can relate with really well. The reason I am telling this is because something happened that was HUGE for me... growing up I always wanted to have a powerful testimony, a testimony that could make anyone feel it. During the lesson they were taking in all the information, but they were still being a little joking around and rowdy, (like any group of 19 year olds).. I started to bear my testimony, as soon as I started speaking it went dead silent in there and they all listened to what I was saying. The Spirit was so strong. When I was done, there was a few seconds of just silence and then Richard said... "those are some powerful words".
It's incredible to be able to share my testimony so often, to continue to help people find happiness.

I love you all so much!

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