Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19 Email!


It looks like ya'll had a great Bridal Shower! It's crazy to see the backyard again haha and the mountain in the background. I haven't seen any kind of mountain in months! ..Save some of those sugar cookies for me.

It's been in the 70's there? haha... that's cute. It's been consistently high 80's-100's already here. It'll be like that until like the end of September too, so hopefully I stay in Marble Falls for most of that, because we are in a truck. Riding a bike in Texas heat is a poor choice.

SPEAKING OF MARBLE FALLS: My new companion is Elder Whitney. He's from South Jordan, Utah, and he's been out for about 5 months now. Elder Whitney and I hit it off instantly! He's such a cool guy, and a stud missionary! We're going to do work together. I forgot to take a picture of him until right before I came here to write this E-mail. So I hurried and took a picture of us in our P-Day clothes. Sorry.

This week was great, we had a bunch of awesome lessons, and we had quite a few people come to Church! We'll be having many baptisms coming up in the next few weeks which is so amazing! I love my mission, everything about it, even the little things from day to day, everything is so much better when you're serving The Lord.

We were able to have an excellent lesson last night with a Less-Active family, straight out of Preach My Gospel. Preach My Gospel is not just for full-time missionaries. People think it's just for the few with name-tags, if you think that, you're a fool. For example, some of the chapter names are, "What is the role of the Book Of Mormon", "How do I understand and recognize The Spirit" & "How do I develop Christlike attributes". Behind The Book Of Mormon, and other scriptures, Preach My Gospel is the most powerful book, that has affected and blessed my life the most.

I love ya'll! and I love my mission.
Every single day. I have had so many incredible experiences already, I am so thankful for all those in my life who helped me get out on my mission.

I hope everyone has a great week, and sends me cookies.

Love, Elder Giles
Elder Christensen & I: Last Day
Elder Christensen & I: Last Day

Elder Christensen & I: Last Day

Elder Whitney

May 13 Email!


It was so great Skyping ya'll! I liked that a lot better than just talking on the phone. Technology rocks.
Mother's Day sounded like it went great, i'm glad you hear it! That cake looks amazing,, probably send me a piece. Sorry I couldn't do more for Mother's Day. I'll make it up when I get home.

ALRIGHT, this week was extremely busy, but so fun! We went on exchanges for two days and had a Zone Meeting. Somehow, we were still able to have over 20 lessons. Today we went Mountain biking. It started to rain as soon as we got there, and so it was really muddy. It was awesome! I'll send some pictures of that!
Elder Christensen is getting transferred, and I am staying here in Marble Falls. So, i'll be getting my new companion on Thursday. So far all of my companions have been for 3 months a piece, this will be my 4th companion.

I love ya'll very much. I love my mission and everything I am learning and becoming

Love, Elder Giles

Friday, May 9, 2014

May 6 Email!


This week was another busy week, a lot of lessons. We were driving all around our area, and hit up like every town. Met this cool guy and his family in Llano, after a few minutes of talking he took us to Lunch at this super good and pretty famous BBQ joint called "Cooper's Barbecue". It was so good. It was the definition of Texas though haha as we were pulling up, all the parking lot was filled with Harley's. Walked inside and there were like one hundred bikers. It was great! haha.
Yesterday, at Church. We just parked and got out of our truck and we saw someone we didn't recognize get out of their car. We started talking to him, his name is Ozzy and he is 18. He went to a dance with some Mormon kids and was really impressed with them and it made him want to find out more, so he just drove to Church by himself. He stayed for all three hours and seemed to really like it. A few hours after Church was out, he wanted us to come by his house. So we went over and taught him the 1st lesson. He really enjoyed it and we have a lesson with him and his full family tomorrow! 
It's so great to just be in the right place, and let The Lord do the work.

This coming week will be super busy too. I am leaving in a few hours to Austin and I will be there until Wednesday evening, going out with other missionaries and such. That'll be fun though! Then on Mother's Day we call home AND get transfer calls that night.

The Texas San Antonio Mission has now been approved to use Skype for calling home on Mother's Day and Christmas.
So, ya'll will get to see my face on Sunday!! haha I'm super happy about that, it'll be cool.

I love you all, have a good week, see you soon :)

-Elder Giles