Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 13 Email!


It was so great Skyping ya'll! I liked that a lot better than just talking on the phone. Technology rocks.
Mother's Day sounded like it went great, i'm glad you hear it! That cake looks amazing,, probably send me a piece. Sorry I couldn't do more for Mother's Day. I'll make it up when I get home.

ALRIGHT, this week was extremely busy, but so fun! We went on exchanges for two days and had a Zone Meeting. Somehow, we were still able to have over 20 lessons. Today we went Mountain biking. It started to rain as soon as we got there, and so it was really muddy. It was awesome! I'll send some pictures of that!
Elder Christensen is getting transferred, and I am staying here in Marble Falls. So, i'll be getting my new companion on Thursday. So far all of my companions have been for 3 months a piece, this will be my 4th companion.

I love ya'll very much. I love my mission and everything I am learning and becoming

Love, Elder Giles

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