Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16 Email

      Each day seems to go by faster than the day before. I'm beginning to really love it here. This week has been really awesome. When I first got here to Texas my companion was already teaching this 20 year-old guy named Fred Travis. He's really cool. Me and him really hit it off. He wanted me to "confirm him". So, this past Saturday my companion baptized him, then on Sunday, I confirmed him a member and gave him the gift of The Holy Ghost. It was a really cool experience. At the baptism his whole family came up to me and basically said that they wanted to get baptized too... so we'll be teaching them now too.       There is an Air Force retirement home here, it's called Air Force village. We go there sometimes and talk to all those old people hahaha. They have a cafeteria there and it's way good though! . They have the weirdest stories and they love to tell them to us haha
   YEAH!! When I was on base on Sunday morning, after Sacrament metting, I was teaching a lesson to a group of about 20 Air Force Pilots when I got called out of the room. Trevor's family was there! hahaah it was so weird, I was way confused at first. That's amazing though! That I served on the Air Force base he was on, and I tought lessons to like all of his friends. He said that he was graduating though, so he won't be there anymore. So, if I would have served in this area at any other time other than this, I never would have saw them..
       It's crazy how much love I have for the people who live here. It's so sad to see all their trials and troubles. Just last night, Fred's mom called us and wanted us to give her a blessing. So he hustled down there as soon as we could and gave her a blessing. We talked about trials and why we have them. We ended up being there for like 2 hours. It was really spiritual, everyone was crying.
At the beginning of the week, I was having a hard time. Because I was scared of what I would miss during these two years, I was scared of what I didn't know. I was only worried about myself and how I felt.. There are so many people here who have never said a prayer, they feel like they have no hope, they feel completely alone. They don't know about Jesus Christ. They don't know what Jesus Christ did for them. They don't know that they don't have to feel hopeless, that they are never alone. I have never felt more joy, then when I can promise people that they are never alone, that Jesus Christ knows how they feel. 

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