Monday, September 9, 2013


     So, I got here on Wednesday. The flight was cool, the plane was smaller than I imagined though, it was pretty crowded. I got light headed when we first took off, but then I was fine. When we got to the airport President Slaughter and some other missionaries were there waiting to pick us up. We went to his house and had a small lunch, then they took us to downtown San Antonio to The Alamo. There we were told to go up to people and give them a Book Of Mormon hahah I was pretty scared. I gave one to this kid about my age though, we talked for a little bit and I told him about it. He said that he was going to read it.

             The next morning we had a big meeting in a Chapel and that's where we met our companions and found out where we are serving. Everyone (except me) was called to smaller cities. Then they called my name and said that my area was the south side of San Antonio City hahaha I was pumped! My trainor's name is Elder Miner, from Farmingtion, Utah. He's really nice and he's all about obedience to every rule in the mission.

          My Area: San Antonio South, we live in an apartment with 2 other Elders and we switch between bike and car everyday.There is a big Air Force Base here, (Lackland Air Force Base) and we get to go on base and teach people. We can't go tracting on base, but we go there on Sundays and teach lessons afterwards to the soldiers who want to know more about "Mormons". On Sunday we went on base and had a sacrament meeting with them. It was cool! Everyone there was in their Air Force Camo! After Sacrament meeting my companion & I taught the first lesson to about 8 soldiers who were interested. Also, there are some memebers who live on base and so we'll go in there to have dinner appointments with them. It's a huge Air Force Base! I talked to this one Pilot named Sergeant Richardson for like 2 hours haha he's a homie.

          So, the second part to my area (after the Air Force Base) is south San Antonio, or DA HooD. Whichever you prefer. All the houses here are......... not good. Really small and really bad shape. Everyone owns AT LEAST 2 pitbulls. Because the theft rate is so high, they need the dogs as security to their homes. So, I have met a lot of dogs. There's also a lot of stray dogs just wandering the streets. My first day here, my companion and I were walking down a street and we ran into this guy. His name is Lupe. I told him about our Church, he was really interested. We basically gave him the whole 1st lesson right there. I gave him a Book Of Mormon and he said that he would read it and pray about it. We have an appointment to go visit him this Friday.

     There is a pretty big trailer park here. We have an investigator who lives there, so last night we drove over there to see how he was doing. He didn't answer his door. So while we were walking back to our car, this ginormous man yelled over to us. This guy is big. But he was so nice, he was wondering what we were doing. He said that he believes in God but has never been religious. But lately, he has felt like, and been trying to get his family more religious. WELL, gave him a Book Of Mormon & we have an appointment with him on Thursday. When I told him that it was more scripture, that goes along with The Bible, he was really excited!

         It is so hot & humid here. I have never sweated so much in my life. The sweat literally drips off your face if you're outside for too long. Remember how I didn't like ice before my mission? Ice is my only friend out here. It's all I want.

      It's really cool being the person that helps others become happy. I taught a guy how to pray yesterday. He said that he has never prayed before in his life, after the prayer, he said, "that feels good". 

Write me lots!!

And here are some pictures that Elder Giles sent over!:

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