Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 10 Email!


I'll probably send a box home next week with some stuff in it so I don't have to carry it all around, I might send my first journal home soon too. Transfers are coming up on the 20th, i'm more than likely getting transferred, 6 months is a long time in one area. I would love to go to Austin! I think that would be so sweet, i'm sure I will at some point in my mission.
It's been kinda rainy here too, it's completely different every day, but today is wet and dreary. lame.
So there is this very small town in our area called Somerset. oh, it is so weird. haha we went own there for the first time on Monday night because there is a guy living there who used to meet with the missionaries in Louisiana but moved there for a job. Anyways, It is a super small town and I feel like i'm back in the 1950's. Everything is old and just.. weird. haha it's like old ghost town ghetto. Most of the houses are super small and are holding on by a thread. It's super weird, but I love it.
Like I said, I will more than likely be getting tranferred soon. It's really sad. I honestly love this area and all the people here so much. This has been my home the whole time I have been away from you guys. There are so many truly great people in this ward and in this area of Texas. I have learned so much just from the people here, and I will never forget some of them and the memories I have with them.
I'm sending home a picture I took this week with me standing outside one of the 'entrances' to the Trailor Park that Manuel lives in. haha
One of my favorite chapters in the Book Of Mormon is 3 Nephi 17. Ya'll should read it, and feel the power it has.
I love Texas, I love this mission, I love the Book Of Mormon and I love The Lord.
This Gospel is about trying to perfect ourselves, and become the best we can be. We always here, "I'm not perfect" or "I'll never be perfect"
It's true that we will never achieve perfection, in this life, but before we use that as an excuse, we should use it as a challenge. We can't be perfect, but we can always be better.
I know that God lives and answers prayers.
Love, Elder Giles

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