Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3 Email!

The baptism this last Saturday went great! His name was Gavin Bailey and his grandpa came into town from Vernal, Utah to baptize him! It was a really good baptism. It was pretty cool also, because his other grandpa (from his dad's side) is a Lutheran Minister, and he came to the baptism. He was a great guy, him and I talked for a little bit.
So, I have taught and been a part of 3 baptisms now, (4th this Saturday). I personally baptized Dion Saldivar. Speaking of Dion, I had a sweet experience this Sunday. I was sitting right next to Dion at church, he usually comes over and sits next to me. So when the sacrament came he was the one who handed it to me... I don't know, it was just so awesome for me. I had a flashback of when I first met him, and all the times I taught him and then when I baptized him and now he was handing the sacrament to me.. It was just such an unreal experience for me! AND then, he bore his testimony in front of the whole ward. It's hard to describe the joy that I felt in that moment. Seeing someone who I helped teach about the Church, and now he is up there bearing his testimony about it all! Unreal.
So there is this sweet guy we are teaching named Daniel. He has been through sooo much, but he has the best heart. He really is like one of the nicest, most sincere people I have ever met. We had a very spiritual lesson with him and his son this week, and after he was talking about how he has always tried to do what's right. He said that one thing he always told his sons was, "fight the good fight". He explained it to me saying, " When you know what's right, Always fight for it".
I loved that so much!
We all have a fight each day, whether it's small or large. We all have our personal testimonies and we know what's right and wrong. We know better than we act most times. One thing that Jesus Christ repeated in both the Bible and the Book Of Mormon was to not 'hid your light under a bushel'. If Jesus Christ repeats himself, it's going to be important. Let's not hide what we know to be true from others, or ourselves. I'm not saying for everyone to hop on your bike and go door to door, but as you live your everyday life, make those little choices that show others, and yourself, who you are. It's those little fights that we can't overlook. Let's fight the good fight, aight?
I love ya'll!
love, Elder Giles

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