Monday, February 24, 2014

February 24 Email & New Address!


I am in Marble Falls, Texas, and all the cities around it. I'm in the largest area in the mission. I am in the country. hahaha
This is what I pictured when I got my call to San Antonio, Texas. Everyone here lives on a ranch and has pigs, cows, chickens, haha!!

We are in a nice truck and we drive it every day, so I won't be using my bike again until my next area. Well.....besides today we are going mountain biking with a member here.

My address here is.. 1605 Stony Ridge court #8, Marble Falls, Texas, 78654.
MAKE SURE THAT NO ONE SENDS STUFF TO MY OLD ADDRESS! Make sure everyone sees my new address

I don't even know where to begin haha I really do love it here though. If ya'll think I wasn't going to learn a language on my mission, think again. Out here in the Texas Country, they do not speak English. haha I am getting pretty good at talking like them too.

My companion's name is Elder Christensen from Nampa, Idaho. He's pretty new to the mission, but he is way nice.
We do a lot of service here. Which is way fun!

The area has been going pretty rough lately, hasn't seen a baptism in a while, but we have already met a few people and are getting some lessons. I'm really happy to be here and really excited for all the memories i'm going to have here.

I lived in my last area for 6 months and I knew everyone pretty well there and felt really comfortable. Now I get transferred up here where I literally don't know anyone, I don't know the area, I don't know the people we are teaching. But it was awesome to see how even with everything else changing, you can always feel The Lord with you. No matter where you go or who you are with, The Lord can always be there with you so you never have to feel alone.

I'll send some pictures!!
I love you all, write me!!!
Love, Elder Giles
Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye
Lyndon B. Johnson Lake and yo' boy 
Off to do some service 
Elder Condie and I
A deer right next to our apartment! haaha
Manuel, Eric, and I

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