Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015


I'm glad to hear that Katie was the first one to recognize my name on that shirt haha it's so full of names! We actually went back there this week with the Bishop and gave a new shirt for them to hung up over top of it, and I was the very first to sign it! haha I'll send a picture of the new shirt, hopefully it'll be easier to find my name in this picture...

Cody Simpson is still doing great! He came to Church again yesterday in a brand new suit haha he was looking good! He really enjoys Church. He just loves the atmosphere of all the great people there. Now, we just need to get him and his girlfriend married in order for them to get baptized.

Brother Roundtree:
We are teaching a man named Lester Roundtree. We were out and about a few weeks ago, and we saw a middle-aged black man with a young baby, buying some snow-cones from the ice cream truck. We went and introduced ourselves, and he was very warm and open to talking to us.
He is in the foster-care program, and is taking care of a child named Angel. 
He lived by himself, and doesn't have a car right now. He has had a crazy life, but is getting everything in order. We finally went back this week, and had our first actual lesson with him. We taught him the Restoration of the gospel, and he said that it answered questions he has had his whole life, that no other religion has been able to answer.
When we were concluding our visit, he said, "just from what you've told me, i'm 99.9% sure this is all true". haha So, we explained to him that the Book of Mormon will  give him that last .1%, by the Holy Ghost.

The first time we saw him, he explained that he saw us on the sidewalk, and was hoping that we would talk to him. I'm so glad that we did!
We are going back to teach him more this week, and he will be coming to Church this Sunday.

This past week marked my 18 months in the mission.
As I reflected on this last year and a half, I am filled with gratitude for ALL the many things I have been graced to experience. I have felt the love of God, and the redeeming grace of Christ. I have seen people leave their lives of sin, and follow the Savior. I have witnessed the Holy Ghost touch countless hearts, and I have had the gospel of Jesus Christ embedded into my soul.

I have written a full page on every single day of my mission. I now have over 550 pages of journal entries as a full-time missionary. Those 550 pages could never withhold even a thousandth of all I have experienced thus far.
I love my mission, and I love my God!

I have many things to tell you, but the computers are busy this week, and I don't have enough time.

I love y'all! Trust God!
-Elder Giles

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