Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 2, 2015


I hope that all y'all had a fantastic week!
The weather has been Utah-ish this week. It has been very cold, and dreary and rainy, Oh well, only a few more days until the weather is bright, sunny and 100 degrees haha
Is it snowing in Utah? I don't know how I ever lived in Utah. Nowadays, if it gets below 70 degrees, I am freezing!

We had dinner this week with the Martinez family. They really love their spicy food, a lot. As soon as dinner was over. The pulled out a whole bucket of ice cream, and gallons of milk. I was really confused at what was going on. Then, Brother Martinez grabs a bag from the cupboard, and set this wrapped bag on the table. He rolled up his sleeves, and grabbed tongs from the drawer. 
They then explained that they were Ghost Peppers AKA one of the hottest peppers on planet earth.
You can't even grab them with your bare hands. So, he grabbed one by the tongs and put it on a plate in front of me. Elder Nebeker and I were both given one.
The trick was to chew it for 20 seconds, swallow it, and hold for 15 more seconds until you could eat the ice cream or drink the milk.

It was so very extremely hot! Between Elder Nebeker and I, I think we drank a whole gallon of milk and ate all of their ice cream haha.
We did it!

Angelita Gonzalez:
Angelita is one of our most progressing investigators. She was found by the Sisters, right before we got transferred in here. We have been teaching for a few weeks now, and is AMAZING to see the change in her. She has such a sincere heart, and she loves the gospel. When we first met her, she wasn't sure if she believed what we told her, but as she's prayed and read the Book of Mormon on her own, she has gained a solid testimony. She wants to be baptized, and she knows this is the Lord's Church. It's been a little hard for her to come to Church, because she has to watch her mother in-law 24/7, and the mother in-law ins too unhealthy to come to Church.
We're working on getting her sister to come watch the mother in-law so she can come to Church.
She is so great and can't wait to be baptized! Please keep her in y'alls prayers!

Elder Nebeker and I are staying together! Wa-hoo!
So this ward is a "mega-ward" it's ginormous. It is honestly like 1/3 of San Antonio city. So, it has been split between two sets of missionaries. They just changed that, so now Elder Nebeker and I cover this whole ward hahaha y'all don't understand how crazy this is! It's no exaggeration that we cover hundreds of thousands of people.

We will definitely be relying on the Lord, this transfer haha

I love the Lord, I love y'all, I love Texas

-Elder Giles

Pictures: here is a glimpse of my life

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