Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January 26, 2015

Loved Ones,

SO many changes. If this wasn't the work of the Lord, I would be way too stressed out hahaha, I will get to those in a minute.

Goodbye Round Rock:
Oh, Round Rock was so much fun! I was only there for 2 transfers, but we had two amazing baptisms and there are two more getting baptized next week! The work was really picking up in that area, and I was so glad to see that. I had some really great experiences there, but it's left in good hands. The missionary who replaced me was Elder Condie haha my 2nd companion in the mission and one of my best friends.
It was fun saying goodbye to all of the great friends I have made in Round Rock, and taking some pictures.
I'll send a picture of the Cuevas family, which is a family that we are teaching. I will also send a picture of me and the Elders I was living with in Round Rock, we were all such good friends!!

Companion # 9:
My companion's name is Elder Nebeker. He is from Arizona. We got "doubled in" which means that we are both brand new to the area. We have only been together for a few days now (like 3), but we have gotten along so great! haha we are already super good friends.
It's been a little stressful, with all the new changes, but we have been having so much fun together! And we both LOVE it here.

From Riches to Rags: 
In the last 6 transfers, I have had 6 companions and 4 areas.... that's quite a bit of change haha.
My last two areas were both pretty wealthy and higher class. They were classy neighborhoods, and few or no slummy areas. Which has been fun, but isn't necessarily my style......
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN.... I am now in the "North Zone" of San Antonio city. We cover the southern most part of the North Zone, or in other words, Downtown.
The named of the ward is 'Castle Hills'

The area is HUGE, it covers such a large chunk of San Antonio city, there are thousands of people in just our area.
I love everything about this area. OH MAN, I love the feel of the city and now it's my area!!! A few nights ago, we were stopping by and introducing ourselves to some people the previous missionaries were teaching and we were literally in the downtown. The skyscrapers and huge building were right behind me. I didn't take any pictures, but I will this week!!


1700 Jackson-Keller Road #3302,
San Antonio, Texas, 78213

There is so much to say, but I don't know what... haha we've kind been running around like chickens with our heads cut off...

I know the Lord is with us, and helping us and protecting us.

**HOWEVER, feel free to send letters and packages with goodies inside this week :) **

Next week's E-mail will be a lot better than this. Let me just say that I know The Lord knows me perfectly, and that has been shown to me over and over again on my mission. I love doing His work, and having His spirit with me. I have a sure faith in Christ and his prophets. This is the Lord's Church, and it's where I will always be

Love, Elder Giles

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