Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015


I had no idea that Grandma and Grandpa Tolman would write poems all the time. haha I guess the rhythm of rhyming is just in my DNA. That explains a lot.
Glad to hear that y'all had such a great, busy week.  I love that our extended family is always coming into town. It's so nice to have such a close family! The babies had a piano recital today? I'm sure they both did amazing!  For some reason they are both very gifted with piano. I practiced piano diligently, day and night, for years but when the girls came a long they were instantly better than me. Oh well, that's just the way it is.
hahaha Amanda and Mom will be practicing pulling people over this week. I would love to watch that! "Excuse me... excuse me,.... would you like to, possibly, pull over....and pay a ticket...... or, I can just pay it.... yeah, i'll just pay it for you..... have a good day....".
teaching Angelita has been such an inspiring, incredible experience. She was first found about a week before Elder Nebeker and I got transferred into the area. The Sister missionaries just knocked on her door and she let them in.
When we first started to visit with her, she was meeting with us and some Jehovah's Witnesses. But that only lasted a couple of weeks. We never even said anything specifically about it, but she told the Jehovah's Witnesses to stop coming over. "I have joined with the Latter-day Saints, and that is my Church. Don't come over and talk about anything different from my Church."
She was very open to the Spirit and would feel every time we would visit her. She quickly came to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.
We had many spiritual experiences with her.
It was amazing to see the apparent change and transformation that has happened to her. You can visibly see the change in her countenance, she has more light in her now and it shows! Her happiness grows by the day.
I had never seen her as happy as she was at her baptism.
She was baptized by a Priest in the ward named Ambrose Garza. He is an absolutely incredible young man, and will be a phenomenal missionary!
The power and Spirit of God was greatly felt at her baptism. Many member of the ward came out the support her, and she is already a part of the wonderful congregation.

To see a child of God progress from confusion and darkness, to understanding and light is such an amazing and magnificent experience. One that will always be imprinted in my heart.

Why would anyone ever leave the Church that has the power and authority of Almighty God?
Elder Nebeker and I had some really amazing experiences with the Priesthood this week.
1) We stopped by a rather random Less-Active family in the ward this week. We planned the night before to go visit them, we didn't know why at the time.
When we got there, the mother of the family went on the explain that very recently her older daughter had passed away. They were all in a deep mourning phase, and were pretty depressed. She explained that she kept feeling that she "should call the Elders", but she never did. She kept feeling that way for a few days... until, we just stopped by. 
She said, "I never did call you, but you came... because God called you" 
We taught and testified of God's great plan of happiness, which doctrine always calms and stabilizes the uneasy heart. We answered many of their questions. Then, they asked for individual blessings.
As I laid my hands on the oldest son's head, I felt a profound love for him. A love that wasn't from me. I went on to give him a blessing, which I never can really remember what I say while in the Spirit. I do remember, however, that after the blessing he stood up with tears pouring down his face and said, "That was too accurate". "That's because it wasn't from me" I said, "It was from your Father in Heaven".
"I know it was." 

2) A young family in the ward named the Mann-Ramos' called us on Saturday asking if we could come over and give a blessing. We said we would. At the time, we had a lesson planned at every part of the day, we literally wouldn't have had time. We were talking about what we should do, then one of the lessons called us saying that they had to postpone for a few days..PERFECT!
We drove over to their house, and saw Julian sitting up in his bed, looking like he had just been in the war. He looked terrible, and from what he explained, he felt even worse.
He had never before received a blessing of healing, but he had faith.
He refused the medicine that he mother was trying to give him as we walked in, because he knew he was about to receive a Priesthood blessing.
Well, I laid my hands on his head, and through me the Lord promised recovery and healing. It was a powerful blessing to be a part of it. 
Just seconds after I ended the blessing he said, "Wow. I feel a lot better!"
A few more seconds went by, then, "Wow. I feel A LOT better!"

Gilbert Navarro is getting baptized this Saturday!
Danny and Tulsy are getting married on the 15, then Danny is getting baptized on the 16th!
Evon Kardos (I used to spell it Yvonne Carter... yeah, I was confused) is getting baptized in May 23rd!!

God absolutely lives. Jesus is absolutely the Savior. The Book of Mormon is absolutely true. To leave this Church is an absolute mistake.

I love y'all!!
Love, Elder Giles


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