Monday, May 18, 2015

May 11, 2015

I was able to spend the day in a Spanish area on Friday, and I was with a terrific missionary named Elder Hardman. Elder Hardman and I both started our missions in the same ward, Heritage, so it was great to talk about our similar experiences there and the great people we both know. He is a missionary that has a lot of heart, and great love for the work of the Lord. We were able to learn a lot from each other, and had some great experiences as we walked the stormy wet streets of downtown San Antonio. It was raining pretty bad that day, and we spent a large part of the day outside: we got soaked.
It was fun though, and we met some really great people! We taught some people in English, and some people in Spanish.
When we taught in Spanish, I couldn't contribute as much as I would have liked. However, I learned quite a bit.

There was a moment, while we were teaching a full Spanish family who didn't know any English, that we all understood each other perfectly. As we taught about The Book of Mormon, and how God answers prayers with His spirit, we all felt the Holy Ghost. We all felt peace. At that moment, we all understood, and it was wonderful. I think of the words of Nephi, "for [God] speaketh unto men according to their language, unto their understanding." (2 Nephi 31:3)
All can feel The Spirit, and all can understand the gospel.

I'll send home a picture of Elder Hardman and I

Danny and Tulsy are getting married this Friday, and then on Saturday Danny is getting baptized! It's a full weekend, and it is going to be so incredible. In preparation for the steps of marriage and baptism that they are taking, we wanted to remind them of the "big picture" and to always be focused on that! 
So, on Tuesday evening we had planned to go to the San Antonio Temple with them, to walk around the grounds, feel the Spirit, and visualize themselves getting sealed in a year.

We met at the Stake Center, which is only a few miles away from the Temple. They wanted to also look around there, because that is where they are getting married on Friday. The first hurdle, was that traffic was terrible for us and we were like a half-hour late to the Stake Center.

Once we finally arrived at the Stake Center, we hurried and showed them around, and then went back to the cars to go to the Temple. We got in our car, and waited for them to pull out so they would follow us. We waited,.... and waited....and waited.

The second hurdle was that Danny's car died. He had no idea why! He was shocked that his car died, "This has never done this, it's still a new car!" he said. It was now getting pretty late, all these set-back were really making it hard to make it to the Temple. We went inside looking for someone who had jumper cables. Luckily, we ran into the Stake President who had jumper cables and was eager and happy to help!
We were able to get the car started. As we were putting the jumper cables back in their bag, the zipper broke off. UGH! So, we had to hurry and fix that!

Finally, we had everything working right. We got in our cars and drove to the Temple. 
It was raining very lightly, just felt like mist hitting your face. The Temple was all lit up and glowing, because it was now dark. The parking lot was full, but we were the only ones on the grounds. It was wonderful to walk around the Temple, explaining to Danny the wonderful blessings and promises found in this most sacred place. Our walked concluded right outside of the Celestial room, as we talked about the eternal marriage which awaits them in a year. A true and great peace was with all of us, and we were all feeling the peace of God. We took a picture outside of the Celestial room, with the intent of taking another picture in one year at the same place, after they have been sealed for all eternity.

I will also send that picture in the E-mail
I love ya'll!


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