Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18, 2015

Beloved family and friends,

I'm glad to hear that it has been so wet in Utah. It has been the same way here. Everyone in Texas has been concerned, haha they claim they have never seen so much rain this late in the year. On the way to Church yesterday, it was coming down really bad. I was fine driving in it, probably because I am used to even driving in snow, but all the Texans had their hazards on and were going like 10 MPH haha. The thing about Texas is, that the sun comes out really fast and them it becomes UNBELIEVABLY humid!

Well, this past week was incredible! Many, many wonderful experiences and stories. Time only permits me to share a few, here we go!!

Danny Cavazos and Tulsy Celestino were married on Friday, the 15th!!
The wedding and reception took place at the Stake Center, and the Stake President was the one who officiated and married them. They both had many friends and family that showed up from all across Texas and Utah. For all of Danny's friends and family, it was their first time entering a Latter-day Saint chapel. It was great for them to see the wonderful paintings of Christ, feel the great spirit that always resides in His church, and meet many wonderful members of the church.
It was so cool to be a part of it! To watch as two people who love each other make that promise and commitment was a phenomenal experience. They both were so happy! Danny is so focused on the gospel, that he wanted to just get married ASAP, so he can go to the Temple sooner to be sealed. Even though none of his family and friends are members, he openly expressed his excitement and desire to enter the Temple.

Once the reception started, and they started playing slow-dance love songs......... we left.

Brother Cavazos:
17 hours after Danny was in a suit marrying Tulsy, he was in all white about to be baptized.
So many people showed up to support him that we almost had to move it into the chapel. His family, all non-members, also came to watch and support Danny. His new father in-law baptized him, which was a sweet experience. The Spirit was very strong throughout the entire service, and all who was there felt it. Danny is a pioneer. He is paving the way for others in his family to follow. He is a wonderful man.
He was confirmed the next day during Sacrament Meeting. The blessing was specific and spiritual. He already is a strong, faithful member of God's church, and it will be so exciting to watch all the many individuals and families he will be able to bless.

It has been a great journey to be on as Danny and learned about the Church. At first, he was a little skeptical about the whole thing, he had heard many lies and half-truths and wasn't sure what to believe. All that was resolved as he began to read the Book of Mormon. Very quickly he recognized the Spirit, and realized the blessings that were entering his life. He continued to grow in faith and understanding, and a week ago in Elders Quorum, he bore powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon to all in the room.


I have witnessed the power of Christ. His Atonement truly is "infinite and eternal" (Alma 34:14).
I have seen and felt it in my own life, and the lives of many others.

Thomas S. Monson is the God's prophet today. Heavenly Father leads, guides and directs His Church, through him. I will always sustain the President of the Church and heed His counsel. I hope that we all can see clearly, to choose correctly.

I love y'all
-Elder Giles


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