Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 25, 2015

Loved ones,

Thank you all very much for the letters I have been receiving! I love them all, and even though I may not be able to write and send you a letter back, I really cherish and love all the letters I have been receiving. Thank you very much. A lot has happened this week, but because it is Memorial Day and all the missionaries have to E-mail at the Family History Center, I don't have much time. I also won't be able to send other E-mails besides this one today.

We had an amazing opportunity to visit with two members of the Seventy this week: Elder Evans and Elder Allen. The meeting we had with them was wonderful! They came to talk about us each of us becoming more devoted disciples of the Lord. This week, missionaries in the great Texas San Antonio Mission will be receiving Ipads. The use of this technology is going to help us reach and teach people we never would have been able to previously. It's a very exciting time! Thankfully, because I only have 3 months left I do not have to purchase an Ipad, I will just be given one to loan. It's sure going to change many things about the work, having this additional tool.
The Seventy hardly talked about the Ipads at all though, it was more about learning how to righteously use technology. Technology is to be used for good.  The Lord is "inspiring the minds of great people to create inventions that further the work of the Lord in ways this world has never known" (Russell M. Nelson)

Evon Kardos was baptized this week! It was a truly remarkable experience. I was able to be the one to baptize her. The Spirit at her baptismal service was so apparent.
I love baptisms! I love watching those I have come to love make that covenant with the Lord. It is always faith-strengthening for me. After we changed and got back into the Relief Society room, Evon was able to share her testimony. She spoke of her whole life being preparation for this moment. She now sees clearly the people and experiences that God put in her path, and the care He has had watching over. She began to cry as she expressed her gratitude and thankfulness to nw be a member of the Lord's Church. She also mentioned that she was so proud and excited to raise her two little boys in the Church.
Those boys will grow up in the truth. A family has joined God's Church this week. I am overcome with thankfulness and awe that I was blessed to be a part of this crucial and life-changing time in their lives.

TRANSFER CALLS: Elder Nebeker will be returning to Arizona this week. He has served a faithful mission, and has become a true servant of the Lord. He will continue to build the Kingdom throughout his life. 
I will be staying in the Castle Hills ward, and will be receiving a new companion

I love the Lord, and all that has been given me from Him. I pray that everything I do will be with an eye single to His glory.

Love, Elder Giles

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