Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hello beloved friends and family,

I hope that y'all are really enjoying spending time with family.
Family is central to God's plan for the happiness of His children, and
it must be central to us as well. I love my family and each of you

Elder Hendricks and I get along very well. We continue to find and
teach. So many incredible things have been happening in this area. The
recent-converts are all
doing very well. Danny Cavazos loves to help
us teach and to share his
testimony with others!  He was one of the
first people up there yesterday to
share his testimony. Gilbert
Navarro Jr. was ordained a Priest and received the
Aaronic Priesthood
yesterday! Evon Kardos taught part of the Gospel Principles
Angelita spent all day Saturday with the Relief Society doing
David Boyd is always one of the first ones in Church, with his
suits and ties. I sure do love this ward so much!
Yesterday we met a
less-active member named, "Tui". He used to play
football for BYU, he's a big
Hawaiian. He joined the Air Force and
over the years went inactive. He's now
with a wonderful woman name
Jodi. She wanted to go to a Church on Sunday. He
said, "I'll never go
anywhere besides my Church". So, they showed up to Church
and both
seemed to have a really good time! We are going to start
Jodi, and help them to both become active members. They are
cool and easy to get a long with. I'm excited for this!

(The Temple)
This past week we had another wonderful opportunity to
attend the San
Antonio, Texas Temple. Two "zones" of missionaries were able to
with our Mission President.
My love for the Temple has increased
hundredfold while on my mission.
The Temple is the goal for these people I
teach. It's not just to get
them to attend Church, or even get them baptized.
It's about preparing
them to endure faithfully to the end. I really felt that
in the Temple
this last week. I want these people to be in the Celestial
I know that the authority of God has been restored, because I feel
power in a very real way. I feel it especially strong in the
House of the Lord,
The Temple.

Following the Temple, we met at a nearby Stake Center and there
distributed Ipads to the zone and helped them get started. The
mission now as Ipads.

It's great to hear that you each have
strived to go out of your way to
do something nice for somebody else!!

I love y'all!

Love, Elder

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