Monday, June 29, 2015

June 29, 2015

Loved ones,

The girls look so cute! Haha I'm sure they had a lot of fun at the parade! I love seeing the pictures  of y'all and to see how everyone is doing. However, I decided that it would be fun to not send any more pictures of me for the remainder of my mission. Therefore, the next time you see me will not be on a computer screen. So yes, mom, I did buy a new suit this week and I really love it... but I'm not going to send a picture haha.  
We visited with Nancy Walter this week. As you remember, she's married to a less active member named Christopher, who is a returned missionary. It is amazing to watch as the two of them read the Book of Mormon together. When we first met Nancy, she was a little hesitant to visit with us but as we started answering some of her questions she began to really open up. As we taught her the Restoration and gave her a Book of Mormon, she began to read with her husband. The two of them have been reading together and the blessings are significant. They admit that they had been contemplating divorce for years, but now their relationship is being healed. If any couple on earth will simply live the gospel their relationship will be healed and will continue to strengthen for the rest of their lives. As we read the Book of Mormon together, and pray together, and keep the commandments, we will grow in our love for the Lord and grow in our love for each other. No relationship will struggle if together they faithfully keep the commandments and strive to live the gospel.

It was amazing to see the look on Nancy's face as she came to church with her husband. As we visited with her a few days after she was talking about how excited she was to attend church the next Sunday. One of the greatest blessings they have seen through meeting with us is the strengthened relationship they have with each other.  
The Gospel has been restored, not only so families can be together forever, but also so that they can reach their true potential here on earth.

Jody and her return missionary boyfriend Tui, are still doing well. Jody wants to be baptized and we just need to get them married. Please keep them in your prayers along with Nancy and Christopher.
I know that a loving Heavenly Father has given us the Book of Mormon. As additional evidence of his incomprehensible love for all his children. As we prayerfully read the Book of Mormon and live by the teachings therein, we will grow in our love for the Lord and by so doing we will strengthen all our relationships. I know that is true. I am the product of that promise.

I love y'all
Love, Elder Giles

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