Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015

Those whom I love,

Well, this is my first E-mail from my new iPad...

I received that package this week, thank you very much. My new
companion and I
have really enjoyed all of those snacks! I really
appreciate all the letters
and packages I have been receiving, though
I may not respond with a letter in
the mail there are all really

Mom, you look great with that
machine gun in your hands haha. I do not
think you have ever purposefully hurt
even a spider before, but you
would make a great big game hunter

(I am not
used to typing on this wireless keyboard, and it is a little
annoying, so this
letter might be a little shorter than usual)

Well, one of my best friends,
Elder Nebeker, went home this week. It
was actually pretty hard to say goodbye.
I have spent the last 18
weeks with him basically 24/7. He is a great friend,
and a phenomenal
missionary. He had a great love for the people of Texas, and
just love him. I look forward too seeing him again.
My newest companion
is Elder Hendricks. He is from Bountiful, Utah. I
didn't know too much about
him before hand. We got to work
immediately, and worked really effectively
together. He is full of
energy, and loves to have fun. He is such a personable
person, and
people love talking to him. We already have a great relationship.
very possible that he will be my last companion in Texas, lucky

It sure has been a lot of fun showing Elder Hendricks around
introducing him to everyone. All of our recent converts were at
this Sunday, so he saw all of them there. David Boyd was there in a
suit, looking very classy. Angelita was one of the first people
there, just to
make sure she wasn't late and could say Hi to everyone.
Gilbert Navarro Jr, was
sustained and received the Aaronic Priesthood.
Danny Cavazos was passing the
Sacrament, for his very first time, and
was the one who passed it to me (which
was such a wonderful
experience!). Evon Kardos was sitting with her young
family surrounded
by all of the many friends that she has in the ward.

love the Lord, and al the mercies he has given to me. My entire
mission has
been me being placed in the right place, at the right
time, with the right

We continue to labor. The work continues to progress. We have
really incredible people that we are working with right now, I would
to ask y'all to pray for:
-Alan & Zanida Garcia
-Saul Garcia (not related to
Alan & Zanida, Garcia is just a VERY
common name in San Antonio)
-The Shaffer


Go out of your way to do something kind
for someone.
-Write me and tell me about it (and yes, I am going to do the same

I love y'all!!
Love, Elder Giles

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