Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21 Email!


It's getting colder here! It was like 70 degrees a few days ago and I was freezing! We painted a room for a guy this past week. His house got broken into and graffitied everywhere. So we painted the room and covered up all the graffiti. haha it was way fun. 

So 2 big things.

1- I'm pretty sure I am joining the Air Force when I get home

2-Manuel and his whole family came to church yesterday!!

 I spend a lot of time with the Air Force. There is a member in my ward here named Matthew Checketts and we are like best friends, he is really cool. He's a dentist in the Air Force. I think I want to do the same thing, either a dentist or a pediatrician. If I did join the Air Force I would be coming right back here. This is the only Air Force base for basic training in the world. Everyone who is and ever was in the Air Force came to this base for basic. So, yeah, It's super cool and I love going on base.

    Manuel, his wife Porsche, their children, Laazyade, LaTrell & Divaunte all came to church on Sunday. They didn't have any white shirts or ties, or even been in a church before. So they really were hesistant to come when we talked about it. But Manuel went out and bought everyone church clothes and when they came to church we tied their ties for them during Sacrament meeting. They really enjoyed Church. I was so happy when they came in. Honestly, it was one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt. From meeting him in the Trailor park looking so initmidating, to seeing him at church yesterday in his white shirt and tie.. I can't even express how amazing it feels. He is like one of my best friends, and he has told me that I am his "main homie." If I would have went anywhere else in the world, at any other time. I wouldn't have met Manuel and his family. I had to come to South San Antonio at this time. I thank The Lord for loving me so much to keep me home a little longer so that I could met the people He has prepared.

     This week has gone be ridiculously fast. I love it, and I am growing so much (still the same ol' me though)
I love you all!

Marc Harris: you're going to Mongolia? haha you've gotta be kiddin' me! Is that even a real place? When I read that you were going to Mongolia, I yelled as loud as I could, "Let's Go!" hahaha. I'm so proud of you! Be safe in Mongolia, and always remember.... E26. I love you, player. we're here. let's go. we're gone.

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