Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14 Email!

The Baptism went great. It was so cool being able to baptism someone. Honestly, like the greatest experience ever!
Before I got here there wasn't a baptism in this Area for the past 1 and 1/2. We've had two in the last 5 weeks since I got here. It's sweet! We also have 4 people who are planning on getting baptized on November 4th.
That sounds so fun with the whole family. Apparently, BYU beat Texas a while back, everyone here is still bitter about that. 

Yeah, conference was really awesome. We've been using a lot of the talks and notes we took from Conference on our lessons this past week.
 Last Monday, after E-mails, we went to the City and this place called El Mercado (I sent a postcard). It was sweet. It's like this mexican outdoor shop with tons of little stands and stuff haha. I bought this Luchadore mask, like Nacho Libre. It's pretty cool. This week has been good. It's gone by crazy fast. We got Transfer calls last night. Me and my companion are both staying in this area for atleast 6 more weeks! We were both stoked about that!
I love you all so much!
This is Elder Sadler in El Mercado

Me and Elder Jones under a MTC sign.(my cup of Horchata)

Elder Sadler, Miner, me, and Jones

Texas Sunset

Right before the baptism

Me and Dion!

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