Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3 Email!

Yeah, I love it here, it's not too far from Austin and we have to drive in to Austin like once a week for District Meetings and stuff. I haven't been to Blue Bonnet Cafe yet, but I read that to my companion and he said, "we have coupons there!" haha so I guess we'll be checking it out soon. I absolutely love it here, it is so much fun! Just talking to anyone here will make your day, haha everyone is sooo country, it truly is another language out here. If I spoke to them how I speak to ya'll, they wouldn't understand anything I say. Apparentally I am getting pretty good at talking like them, I practice a lot haha

What kind of service do we do here? oh boy. Let me put it this way, a service we did this week was helping a guy kill chickens and getting them ready to cook hahaha I took some sweet pictures, i'll send some that aren't too bad.
The only Temple in my mission is in San Antonio, and i'm awhile from that now, so I won't go until, hopefully, my next area.

This was a great week! We met a lot of sweet new people, had a bunch of lessons and we actually have a baptism this Saturday! haha Her name is Chelsey and her husband is a member of The Church. She is the softball coach at the High School here in Marble. So, that's sweet.
There is family here named the Cowart's. They are like my favorite people I have ever met! They drove us to Stake Conference this Saturday (It was in Austin and we can't use that many miles) and on the way home they found out about my rapping past haha and found all my songs on SoundCloud!! They said they listened to them all the way to and from Church on Sunday and when they came up to me and Church they said, "I want my waffles back" haha from that one song called "HotCakes". I tried to keep my secret Identity on the down-low, but that only lasted a few months. The secret is out haha.
The Work is going great! We were in a Trailer Park the other day we were looking for a guy who lived somewhere in the Trailer Park, but we didn't know where. All we know is that he lived somewhere in there and he is really interested (we didn't have a phone number or anything). So we drove in there, I drove to the back left corner and we walked up to a random house, when the guy answered the door I asked him if he was the man we were looking for. Before he answered he told us to come in. It turned out he wasn't the one we *thought* were looking for. He told us that he used to meet with the missionaries where he used to live, but then he moved and lost all contact and didn't know how to get in contact with the missionaries. We thought we were looking for Chad, but really we were there to find Ronald.

We don't always know the future, but God does. We don't need to try and predict or change the future. Just do what we can do, and trust the Lord. I thought I was going to meet Chad, but I didn't drive there that day to meet Chad. I drove there to meet Ronald, and it was a surprise to Ronald and me.

I love you all!
Love, Elder Giles
6 Month Tie Burn
6 Month Tie Burn

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