Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10 Email!

I am doing great and had another stellar week.

The baptism this week went great! It was super spiritual, and powerful. Awesome! They are a sweet family! They are renting this super duper nice ranch house out in the boonies. Great people.

Thank you for the letters I have gotten so far, I'll try to write back quick!
A few months ago we had a lesson with an investigator, and we had a member in the ward named Brother Jeralds come to the lesson with us (old, HILARIOUS, black guy from the south). We got to the appointment and knocked on the door, well the man wasn't home. So as we were walking back to Brother Jeralds car, I was telling him sorry for coming out and not having a lesson with us and then he said, "That's alright, man. God brought us to this exact spot." I think I stopped walking when I heard that haha It just hit me so hard. I'll never forget that night and when that man told me that. Because it is true, we are never somewhere where God doesn't know we are. He knows where we are, and even if it's a bad spot He has already prepared a way out for us. 

Elder Christensen has been sick the last few days so we have been staying in the apartment trying to find something to do haha. On Saturday night, I was looking at his Family History chart... and I thought I saw a name that looked familiar.... so I went and grabbed mine.

His Great-Grandpa's last name was Tolman, born in Oakley, Idaho in 1915. My Great-Grandpa's last name was Tolman, born in Oakley, Idaho in 1916. WHAT!!?? (His Great-Grandpa's name is Parley Glenn Tolman)

After a little more investigation we found out that they were cousins, a few generations back Elder Christensen and I have the same Grandpa, named Cyrus Tolman. hahahahaha I am dead serious. So we are like 4th cousins are something.

God brought us to this exact spot. Whether it's something smaller that finding out that you're cousins, or something much more large, we can always see and feel God's hand in our lives. The more we pay attention the more we will all see that "God brought us to this exact spot."

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

I love you, Mom

Love, Elder Giles

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