Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17 Email!


Honestly, I had no idea it was Saint Patrick's Day today until I read your E-mail. I don't think Texans even celebrate that holiday haha. You don't know when anything is as a missionary, the first 2 hours of the day usually consists of Elder Christensen trying to figure out what day of the week it is.
However, I do have one green tie.. I haven't worn it in months, but today I decided to wear it without even knowing it was Saint Patrick's Day. So, i'm good.
This week was really fun. Elder Christensen was still pretty sick most of the week, so we only worked as much as we could. We still met new people and had great lessons though!
We met with Ronald again (the guy from the trailer park). He was telling us about the other missionaries who he met with before he moved. They were trying ot get each others numbers before he moved, but he moved so fast that they never exchanged numbers. So he was kinda sad about that. Then, just a few days after he moved in, we knocked on his door.
haha I need you to understand the impossibility of that. Our area is 120 miles form one area to the area. With over 20 cities, mostly very small. The amount of people in our area is overwhelming. So that chance of us knocking on his door is practically zero, espeically because we hardly ever knock on doors unless we know who lives there.
It truly was a miracle. He loves us and loves us coming over. We are going to start going over there often and teaching him the lessons!
One of my favorite scriptures is Alma 26:37, but before I tell ya'll why it means so much to me. I want you all to read it and tell me why you like it, and what it means to you.
I love you all, and I can feel your prayers for me.
Love, Elder Giles

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