Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2 Email!

Mother, Family, and Aspen,

There was apparently a Tornado warning around here, we had to go into our apartment on Tuesday and such, but nothing happened. False alarm.

How is summer vacation coming along? Any fun plans coming up, or just chillin'?

drum roll please............................................. SUMMER IS HERE
haha it's been pretty brutal this week. The heat is here, and he brought his ugly cousin Humidity with him. Good thing we are in a truck with a nice A/C, but still... it's pretty hot here haha. 
Everyone is coming here for the summer to go boating and stuff, so everyone we see is all dressed up to go boating, and the lake is just filled with people. oh well.

Elder Whitney and I, are like best friends. haha he is such a cool guy, we really do get along really great!
We have been teaching a lot of lessons, and preparing many to get baptized.

I'm sorry that I will miss Amanda's wedding, I wish I could be there for the biggest day of her life. She's been my best friend 
since I was young, and she was the most reliable friend I have ever had. I know that she is proud of me though. I am so proud of her, she will be an amazing mother and wife. Friday will be a new beginning for her.

The next day, Saturday, will be a new beginning for a young man who lives in Texas. He is 18, and has been studying religions since he was 14. He has notebooks full of notes, scriptures, and studies he has been doing for years. He has been to, or investigated just about every religion imaginable.
About a month ago, he drove to a LDS Chapel by himself to check it out. We happened to be walking in together, so I started talking to him. Later that same day, we went to his house and introduced him to the Church, and the Book Of Mormon.
The next time I saw him was 6 days later. He was on page 62. He had been praying, and reading about 10 pages every single day. How many 18 year-olds can say that? 
Within days, he knew that it was true. He told us how he felt every time he read it, and he know it was from God. As we continued to teach him about the Restored Gospel, he would say things like, "That makes perfect sense" & "It's all fitting together now".
Ozzy is getting baptized on Saturday, and he's asked me to baptize him.
He has also said that he wants to serve a mission.

I am so thankful for the gospel being restored. I'm so thankful that God called Joseph Smith to be a prophet. The great questions about God and Life are no longer unexplainable. They 'make perfect sense' & 'all fit together'.

I love you all, and hope you have a great week!
Save some wedding cake for me!
Love, Elder Giles

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