Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30 Email!


This week had been engulfed over by Heavenly Father's Plan Of Happiness for us.
On Father's Day. I was called by a lady in the ward. Telling me that a man in the ward was dying, and they wanted us there. We raced over to the house right after Church, and walked into the door 5 minutes after he passed away. The man had cancer, and was getting worse. I was talking with him just a few days prior.
His funeral was this last Saturday. It was beautiful, and everyone was celebrating his amazing life and everything that he had accomplished. He is a great man, who had a great life.
Later that day, I got a call from a man who we are teaching. They just had a baby girl, and wanted us to go over to the hospital and give them a blessing.
So, immediately after Church yesterday, we drove up to the Llano hospital and gave blessings. As I was looking at the new baby, I realized, that she truly was recently with her Father in Heaven.

Within days, I was with a new life, who was just recently with her Father in Heaven and sent down here to live a mortal life. I was also with a man, who, accomplishing his mortal life, was returning back to his Father.

We have a Heavenly Father, who we all lived with before this life. He loved us so much, that he gave us this life, and these bodies, in hopes that we will have as much joy as He does. We will all return to Him some day. Because of His Son, Our Savior, we will all be resurrected and have our bodies perfected and glorified. No cancer, no missing limbs, no depression, no imperfections.

These are not just pleasing words that sound good to the ears. 
These are truths.

Now, let us rejoice!

I love you all
-Elder Giles

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