Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4 Email!

Dearest Kinfolk,

Bad News: I am no longer a District Leader :( I was only a District Leader for one transfer, and I loved it!
Good News: I am now a Zone Leader.

I am actually really scared to be a Zone Leader. I went to a meeting in San Antonio this week, they call it M.L.C. (Mission Leaders Conference). The meeting is for all Zone Leaders. It was really awesome, but I felt pretty weird the whole time because I was the youngest person there (mission age). I was the only person there who wasn't to their year-mark yet.
I'm really nervous to be a Zone Leader already, but I am also excited! It's going to be really fun, and I already know I am going to learn A TON.

President told me I was getting transferred a few days earlier than usual, so I was able to tell people at Church. The First Counselor announced it over the pulpit and then called me up to bear my testimony haha it was awesome. I am really going to miss Marble Falls. I have learned and grown so much here! I have made some really good friends, and met great examples to me. The First Counselor made me promise to the ward that after I get married, I will come back and visit haha.

So make sure that no one sends me anything this week, because I am moving! I will give ya'll my new address next P-day! **DO NOT SEND ANYTHING THIS WEEK**. Also, I tend to collect a lot of random stuff that I don't need on my mission, so i'll be sending home another box (or two) this week.

I had my final District Meeting this week, haha also only my third District Meeting. I'm going to miss it. I love this District so much, we are all so close. We had a lot of fun at District Meetings. My current companion, Elder Kunz is taking over as District Leader here, he is going to do great!

The work here is going excellent, it's hard to leave. We just met this week a man named Milo (me-low). He is such a stud! He's like 27 or something and he just moved back from Idaho. While he was there, he had met with missionaries and even wanted to be baptized, but he couldn't because he was on parole. But, now he is off of parole! So, we are teaching him and starting to teach the family he is living with and we'll get them all baptized in no time!

I'm going to miss Elder Kunz, it's not fair that we were only together for 3 weeks. We got along great haha he is such a goofy guy, we are always laughing about something stupid.

Baptism is like giving a starving person a big feast. It will keep them alive and is the only way they can survive (be saved). But if they don't eat the feast, it doesn't mean much. We must eat, bite after bite after bite. Too many people think they are "good to go" because they have gotten 'the feast'.
We need to keep our baptismal covenant active, by enduring to the end.

I love ya'll very much!
Pray for me, as I pray for you!
-Elder Giles

picture of me last P-day golfing:


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