Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25 Email!


This week has gone by so fast! Holy Moly. We are teaching some hilarious people here. Let me give you a little taste:
Jose Gomez: Mexican, married to a member who doesn't speak English. He speaks English very well and says that he learned it all from watching 'The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly' haha. He smokes cigarettes and is trying to quit, so we are starting a program with him that helps people quit smoking really fast. It's the Church's 15-step program.
Lisa Segel: She's 6'7''. She has recently married an inactive member who is 6'8''. Tall people. They are both wanting to go back to Church, and so he is getting active, and she is getting ready to be baptized. She really wants her husband to baptize her, which would be awesome. The only thing is, it might be a little while until he is ready.
Chris Hughes: He is 18. He works with a member of the ward here and asked to come to Church with him. He has come a few times and really loves it! His whole life he has been agnostic, but now he feels like he has finally found the truth. He told us yesterday how he believes that God is his Heavenly Father and that Jesus is his Savior.
That is just a taste of some of the great people we are teaching here.
I love you all!
Talk to you soon
-Elder Giles

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