Friday, November 8, 2013

November 4 Email!


Halloween sounded like a lot of fun, the girls' costumes are the best! I can't believe they make that stuff themselves. Did we get a lot of Trick-or-treaters? It's sad here, no one really goes trick or treating because it's just to dangerous to have little kids walking around. We didn't have anyone knock on our door all night and every one I have talked to says that they don't let their kids go trick or treating. It's really sad. We had to come home at 6 pm on Halloween, so we just hungout at our apartment all night pretty much.

 I can't believe I kept forgetting to tell you guys about this.. so Gladys Knight is in charge of a choir (Saints Unified Voices) and they travel around the world to sing and bear testimony of The Church and they came to San Antonio last week. We've been handing out tickets for it to basically everyone we know for the past few weeks. We went to it on Friday with Fred Travis, his mom and her boyfriend. They really enjoyed it! It was in a huge Stake Center we have here. She sung a few songs and bore her testimony, it was awesome! The songs weren't like our traditional hymns... haha they were like Gospel Songs and all the people there were yelling, "Amen!" and 'Hallelujah!" haha I even shouted those a few times too...

It's been a great week. I had got to teach Manuel and his family The Plan of Salvation this week.. it was so amazing. Manuel was basically crying the whole time and when I taught him about the resurrection, he just got so excited. He said, "so all these tattoos, all these scars, everything wrong with my body will be fixed?" When I told him that that was true he said, "that's what's up!" hahaha
I am so grateful for all of the experiences I have had in my life up to this point, they are all there to help me help other people. I love how hard this mission is. I know that God is our Father in Heaven, and He loves us all more than we can comprehend. If we follow his simple commandments... 2 Nephi 5:27.
Here are some pictures he sent over!: 

My pumpkin.

Me, Manuel and Fred outside Manuel's trailer

This is Menuodo. It's cow stomach, and smells like death

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