Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13 Email!


This week was unreal. Oh, it went by so fast!
Yeah, I met, shook hands with, and talked to Elder Bednar. He is such an amazing person.
I heard him speak three days in a row, because of the Missionary training he gave on Friday, and then my Stake Conference on Saturday and Sunday.
When he spoke on Friday, it was so spiritual. It was a room full only of full-time missionaries and then an Apostle and a member of the seventy. It was truly incredible, while we were all sitting there waiting for him to come in.. I could feel that he was in the room before I saw him. As soon as he walked in the Spirit was so strong. He spoke to us for about 3 hours, no script, no pre-deteremined talk, it was all by The Spirit. He let us ask him questions the whole time, then he would answer them so perfectly. It was so awesome. He is actually a really funny guy.. haha he was talking about how everyone thinks he is always so serious and all about doctrine because of how he is at General Conference, "no, duh, It's General Conference!" haha.
Out of the 7,000,000,000 people in the world, Jesus Christ has called 12 to be his Apostles, and I spent the last three days with one of them. Such a great experience.
 We got a new Elder in our apartment now. His name is Elder Montgomery, he's about 6'9 and he is from Georgia. He has a scholarship to play basketball at University of Utah after his mission.  So far he seems like a funny, and good guy.
Fred left this week to Basic Training in South Carolina, so I said goodbye to him. He'll do great though.
I love you all so much! I can feel all your prayers for me, so thank you for those! This work isn't easy, but it's the only thing I want to be doing.
I love you all
-Elder Giles

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