Monday, January 20, 2014

January 20 Email!

What's good?

Well, this morning was super sweet. Brother Pemberton (like the sickest guy i've ever met) ((he's a Master Sergeant in the Air Force)). He took us around the Base and gave us a tour of everything! We went into the Air Force hangers, these HUGE hangers that are just filled with all types of military vehicle, and we even climbed into the jets and helicopters!! Are you kidding me? haha it was unreal! so awesome.

Apparently, aside from being the only Basic Training base for the Air Force, Lackland Base is also the largest Military Dog Training Base in the Nation. He gave us a tour of that also, it was sweet!
Dogs and Helicopters... sounds like a solid day to me.
This week has been unreal. We got a bunch of new investigators and they are like all ready for baptism! haha We met this 17 year-old kid named Brian. He is such a good kid. He has a bit of a past, but who doesn't? He is so excited about the Gospel and getting baptized! He had two lessons with him this week, and he said that he was coming to Church. He couldn't end up getting a ride for Church though... but instead of just not showing up (like basically everyone else would do). He woke up at 7 am, to shower, put an extra pair of clothes in his backpack and RAN to church. It was like a 40 minute run. When he showed up he was all out of breath and covered in sweat, the first thing he said to me was, "Where's the bathroom at? I need to change."
This is what makes the mission all worth it. This is what makes all those days when I am covered in sweat and out of breath worth it. When you meet someone who never knew the Gospel, but because of me choosing to serve a mission, I was able to show him the Gospel. He was so excited and thankful for it, that he ran to church by himself just to make it on time. When I was 17, my dad had to carry me to the car kicking and screaming. I love Brian and everyone else I have met so far in my mission. I have been out a little less than 1/4 of my mission, and I have already learned so much. I am already eternally grateful for my mission. Now, I miss my family and friends SO much and I think about you all, all the time. but I want ya'll to know that I have never been closer to my Father in Heaven, and I have never felt this kind of happiness before. I sure was happy back home, when I think about spending time with my Mom, or having our Father and Son talks with my Dad, going to Beto's & the gym with Jeremy, hanging out with 'Da Sis' Amanda, and playing with my best friends, Hannah and Averie. But there is a specific type of happiness you feel while you are on a mission, and I am engulfed with it.
I love everything that has happened in my life, because it has made me who I am today.
-Elder Giles
p.s. Texas Rules!

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