Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6 Email!

I had a great week, transfers are this Thursday. We got Transfer call last night... Elder Condie and I are both staying here this transfer hahaha! That means I've spent at least the first 6 months of my mission in this area. When I finally leave, my mission will be at least 1/4 done haha crazy! I'm way happy though. I really do love this area and all the people here.
The Baptism didn't go through this Saturday, he wanted to push it back one week so his family would all be there, so it it thsi Saturday instead!
It's nuts though, because Elder Bednar is speaking at our Stake Conference and doing Priesthood trainings at the Stake Center all night on Saturday, and the baptism is at the Stake Center. So.... he may or may not be at our baptism!! haha I would be so nervous! But that would be sweet! I'm going to see him this Friday, Saturday and Sunday! We'll probably become way close, like have our own handshake and stuff.
This week was good though. We had a lot of lessons and met a few new people.
We had a lesson with Austin Travis' best friend named Isaiah, and he said that he knew it was true, "I can just feel it". So now he wants to get baptized and he wants us to teach his family! It's so awesome, the Lord truly is hastening his work.
I got an E-mail form Carson with a picture of him and Marc at the MTC haha I am so proud of them! There is a certain joy you feel about missionary work, and those pictures of my friends on missions too is just like overwhelming joy! I am so grateful for my mission and all the many lessons I have learned so far!
I love all my friends and family so much, some of my best friends are the people I have met here in Texas and I am so grateful for that. To think that I might have gone anywhere else in the world makes me feel sick. I know that The Lord knows each of us personally, and don't ever doubt that. God loves us more than we can comprehend, even when we can't feel it or don't deserve, and that's why I am on a mission. I don't want anyone to ever think that they are not loved, I try to make it a point to mention in every lesson I teach, "God loves you".
I love ya'll!
Love, Elder Giles
My District.  Everyone has boots. Only in Texas.

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