Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28 Email!


The weather here is great. Bright and sunny. Yesterday it was in the 90's and it was in the 80's before that. Today is going to be another "hot" day, not a cloud in the sky!

I say, "hot", because I think I have become a true Texan. Yesterday as we were out, everyone was saying out hot it was and they were all like covered in sweat.. it didn't even feel hot to me. haha. Utah is going to destroy me when I get back, i'm going to freeze to death.
YES, I did get the Easter package! Thank you very much! I loved the Magic Cookie Bars.. or whatever they are called. We had so much candy though, it was ridiculous. Everyone here just gave us like bags of candy. So, we decided to dump most of it in a big basket and set it on our downstairs neighbors doorstep. haha they are a young couple just a little older than me, they are really cool, and loved the candy!
(not really sure why I told you that.... but there you go)

The week was great though!
It's summer in Texas, and it's feeling good. We did a lot of teaching this week, and we were really busy!
Charlie Sardo is getting baptized on May 9th, I'm so happy about that! The Sardo's are the best

This area is really getting busy, it's a super exciting time. Hopefully I stay here for a while longer. On Mother's Day, when we talk next, is also the day we found if we are staying for at least another 6 weeks or not.

We did a lot of walking this week, because we are running low on miles. You only have a certain amount of miles you are supposed to drive a month, which is kinda lame for us because our area is like the size of Utah.
It was fun though, we were able to met and talk with A LOT of people.

The week was great, and the days keep flying by!

Keep on doing good, and have a safe week!

I love you
Love, Elder Giles

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