Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 31 Email!


I will be starting my 5th transfer this week, which means that I will hit my 9 month mark this transfer. Un-be-lievable.
I am staying in Marble Falls and Elder Christensen will be here with me! I am super stoked about that, we have been getting a lot great. Really, he is a super chill kid and he actually laughs at the jokes I make throughout the day (unlike everyone else I have ever met). We have been meeting a lot of new people and trying our best. We have another person who is getting baptized in April now, his name is Charlie. Super cool.
We had another really inspirational week! We were able to do a lot of service for people and we had some really meaningful lessons. I've been so excited for General Conference all week though! Get yo popcorn ready!!
I remember maybe just a few short years ago when it was General Conference. The family would usually all roll downstairs and most of us would have our blankets and pillows wrapped around us. This specific Conference I went a little further. I remember trying to squeeze my mattress around the corner of the stairwell, so I could be more "comfortable" while "listening" to the talks. Everyone just thought it was stupid. I still think it was funny, really, i'm laughing as I write this. The reason I bring that up is because I have gained such a respect and love for these Men of God. As I was able to meet Elder Bednar a few months ago, I truly knew that he was an Apostle of Jesus Christ.
Think of it! God lives! He still speaks to us today! He has again called a prophet! We have the chance to hear these men speak to us, and give us the council God would have them give us at this time. It's almost overwhelming, the people we read about in the scriptures would love to be able to read about our day. 
1-Prayerfully consider a question, 
2-Audibly utter it to God and write it down,
3-Let God know that you will *act* on the answer you receive,
4-Buckle up, because, God Speaks!

Love, Elder Giles

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