Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7 Email!


Conference was the bomb! It was weird watching it in the small chapel here in Marble Falls, on a static-y TV because it is so close to my house and I have been there many times. It was awesome though.
Conference was incredible! We watched all the sessions at the Church Building, besides Saturday Afternoon at our Bishop's house and Sunday Afternoon at another member's house.
One of my favorite talks was given by our Prophet in the Priesthood session. He was speaking on courage, and what courage really is. One of my favorite quotes was, "courage has few witnesses". Courage to do what's right, is what we have all lacked at some point in our lives. Russell M. Nelson quoted him earlier in the day by saying, "All men have their fears, but those who face their fears with faith have courage as well". Everyone has fears, whether we are trying to work on them, or even acknowledge them, they are there. When we face our fears with faith, meaning that believing we can overcome, that we can triumph over any obstacle with God, we will have courage. Remember that real tests of courage are inner tests.
Let us all have the courage to become more. To smile at more people, to uplift the arms of the downtrodden, to be examples for others. "You might forget tomorrow the kind words you say today, but the recipient may remember them for a lifetime".
Let's have the courage to make everyone's day a little brighter.
I promise that as you do, you will find greater happiness, greater belonging and greater self-worth in yourself.

M. Russell Ballard, gave every person an invitation to get their own copy of Preach My Gospel. They are free.
That's my invitation to you as well.

I love you all! 
-Elder Giles


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