Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1 Email!


This week has been insanely busy, and so much fun!
I went on two separate exchanges this week, and they were both so awesome!
Let me share one experience that happened this week. I went on an exchange with one of the Assistants named Elder Thorn, which was really cool because I first met him my first day in Texas. He is super cool, he even tried to rap with me.

ANYWAYS.. Towards the beginning of the day we were driving down the street, when we noticed that there was a moving truck in an apartment. We decided to go see if we could help them unpack. Well, by the time we got there that moving truck was gone. We tried to knock on the doors around there to see if we could find them, but we couldn't. After talking to a few people we were pulling out of the complex when we saw the moving truck turning back into the apartments.
We realized the whole reason we came here was to help them, so we pulled back around and followed them in.
It was a single mother with two young teenage sons. She recently lost her husband to cancer, and so she was moving to Texas to be closer to family. She hired a moving crew, but they canceled on her, so she had no help. We were able to carry in her furniture and dressers and stuff like that, things that were too big and heavy for them to carry. We told them about the Church, and the great ward family she now has. She was very excited and grateful, and the missionaries are now teaching her.
She kept thanking us, and a few times she referred to us as "literally angels". One of the most amazing parts was right before we left, she mentioned how she had no idea how she was going to unload this stuff. She said that she was praying for help as she was pulling in to the apartment.....
She was praying for help, as we were driving right behind her to help her.
It was one of those amazing experiences, that can happen to anyone any day, where we are able to feel that God used as to answer someone's prayer.
One more experience, shall we?!
Saturday night, around 7 pm. Elder Shorts and yo boy are driving to a person's house, but accidentally toke a wrong turn. We drove past an older lady outside watering her lawn, so we hopped out to try and help her. By the time we got over there she was already inside, so we knocked on the door. Her husband, and 70 year-old black man, opened the door. Upon introducing ourselves, he doesn't say a word but gestured for us to come inside. (I couldn't help but laugh).
We started talking with them, really humble great people! We taught them about the Restoration of the Gospel through Joseph Smith.
It went really well and we are actually teaching them again tonight at the Church. It will be awesome!!

I love you all!!
Love, Elder Giles
Happy September :)

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